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The Buffalo Latino Small Press is a division of the Buffalo Latino Village. Books are published under the label of Manifest Diversity, a project of the Manifest Diversity Institute. Email us for more information on publishing your book with us. Look for more titles in the future. We are interested in poetry, prose, photography, and short stories, no more than 200 pages.

Note: We are not a self-publishing operation, but we do expect your cooperation in working with us as a team, marketing, and promotion –working together to help make your book to have a successful journey. Expect to pay a small fee for our initial review and editing. If we reject your work, any fee paid will be returned immediately. Email us at


The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development, by Alberto O. Cappas, edited by Solomon Joseph, published by the Buffalo Latino Village.

A book about understanding the importance of personal growth and development, taking charge of your personal life, begin to live life as it was intended. A book introducing young people to self-esteem, self-development, personal responsibilities, values and standards. A book that should be in every personal library of educators, counselors, mentors, parents, and in the public school library. This is the first edition of the Manifest Diversity Series founded by Solomon Joseph, who is featured as the editor of this book. Book also available on

The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development

Best use by Counselor, Mentors, Teachers, to provoke conversation with young people to understand their journey in life. Excellent for public schools and community youth organizations, including reform institutions. If ordered from publisher, you will get a personal signed copy by the author. Price includes mailing and shipment. Book available on


BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS, TIMES WITHIN SPACE, by Juan Carlos Carreras, published by the Buffalo Latino Village.

Book available at

Published by the Buffalo Latino Village, member of La Fortaleza Project.

Description: A collection of observations in our culture, a reaction to self-conditions, words to put a plan into action, instead of empty aspirations, self-reflection, setbacks, and breakthroughs, all part of the journey in the universe. No need to drink Kool-Aid here! Just be real to yourself; pick up the door, and take the journey waiting for you. Here are the keys…. Signed copy if ordered directly from the publisher. Books are also available on

Beautiful Disasters, Time within Space

A collection of observations in our culture, a reaction to self-conditions, words to put a plan into action, instead of empty aspirations, self reflection, setbacks, and breakthroughs…. Book available on


GALLARDO: La Comunidad… ¿De Quién? Columns from the Latin Journal publication (1970s — 1980s), compiled by Alberto O. Cappas, publisher; edited by Victor S. AguilarAngelica Aquino, and Tino Mejia

Book available at

El trabajo de Ramon Gallardo se basa en columnas periodísticas que escribió a finales de la década de 1970 hasta finales de la década de 1980 en Buffalo, Nueva York, donde escribió para buffalo Latin Journal e Hispano News, las dos únicas publicaciones latinas locales en Buffalo, Nueva York durante ese período. Ramón era un escritor natural y talentoso. Como columnista, desarrolló un gran número de seguimientos; después de 40 años después de su fallecimiento, todavía se habla de él, dejando sus huellas literarias. English: The Work of Ramon Gallardo is based on newspaper columns he wrote during the late 1970s up to the late 1980s in Buffalo, NY, where he wrote for the Buffalo Latin Journal and Hispano News, the only two local Latino publications in Buffalo, NY during that period. Ramon was a natural and gifted writer. As a columnist, he developed a large following; after 40 years after his passing, he is still talked about, leaving his literary footprints. You can also order directly from the publisher, receiving a signed copy from the publisher or editor. Books also available on

Ramon Gallardo

In Spanish… The Voice of Ramon Gallardo, includes all his columns published in the Buffalo Latin Journal, reflecting the era of the 70s and 80s in Buffalo’s Puerto Rican/Latino community. Price includes mailing and handling. Book also available on



PULL UP YOUR MIND, QUOTES TO FREE THE MIND, by Alberto O. Cappas, published by Buffalo Latino Village

Book available at

This book is a response to the number of dead minds in urban communities, too many of our young people are not going to school, not giving value to education. It is a response to blind bodies in urban communities, too many of our young people living day-to-day, and dying day-to-day. It is a challenge to our educators and community leaders to give priority to the future of our young people, and to help make Education a top priority. This book is for all our young people who are running around with slacks below their waistline, thinking they look cool but look like clowns going to a circus. It is for our Village, our elders, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, leaders, and teachers, to not give up on our young people. This book is dedicated to our young people, especially those who are lacking a thinking structure to help them grow and develop, to become responsible and productive members of their community. This book is trying to introduce concepts, ideas, and conceptional systems to our young people. If we can work to jumpstart and provoke their thinking machine, we can begin to fix the mental infrastructure in Urban America. Use these quotes to start the conversation with young people in Urban America. Get them to think, provoke their minds. Get book directly from publisher, book signed by author. Books also available on

Pull up your MIND

A book of quotes for young people, a great book for class discussions, looking at the development of life by reviewing and analyzing the quotes in the book. Includes mailing and shipment. Book also available on



Back to the Belly of the Beast: A Puerto Rican Colony on Buffalo’s Lower West Side

A collection of poems relating to the political reality of Puerto Ricans in Buffalo, NY — the political manipulation, gentrification, and abuse by community leaders, many taking their community for a ride. Book available in January 2023. Books also available on


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