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BEAUTIFUL DISASTERS, TIMES WITHIN SPACE, by Juan Carlos Carreras, published by the Buffalo Latino Village.

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Published by the Buffalo Latino Village, member of La Fortaleza Project.

Description: A collection of observations in our culture, a reaction to self-conditions, words to put a plan into action, instead of empty aspirations, self reflection, setbacks, and breakthroughs, all part of the journey in the universe. No need to drink Kool-Aid here! Just be real to yourself; pick up the door, and take the journey waiting for you. Here are the keys….


GALLARDO: La Comunidad… ¿De Quién? Columns from the Latin Journal publication (1970s — 1980s), compiled by Alberto O. Cappas, publisher; edited by Victor S. AguilarAngelica Aquino, and Tino Mejia

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El trabajo de Ramon Gallardo se basa en columnas periodísticas que escribió a finales de la década de 1970 hasta finales de la década de 1980 en Buffalo, Nueva York, donde escribió para buffalo Latin Journal e Hispano News, las dos únicas publicaciones latinas locales en Buffalo, Nueva York durante ese período. Ramón era un escritor natural y talentoso. Como columnista, desarrolló un gran número de seguimientos; después de 40 años después de su fallecimiento, todavía se habla de él, dejando sus huellas literarias. English: The Work of Ramon Gallardo is based on newspaper columns he wrote during the late 1970s up to the late 1980s in Buffalo, NY, where he wrote for the Buffalo Latin Journal and Hispano News, the only two local Latino publications in Buffalo, NY during that period. Ramon was a natural and gifted writer. As a columnist, he developed a large following; after 40 years after his passing, he is still talked about, leaving his literary footprints.

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