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Self-Development / Self-Pride / Positive Journey

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The Story of Harlem Prep School
The Official page of the Educational Pledge
The Tower of Character, by Santiago Masferrer, El Buen Amigo
An explanation on Education and Financial Aid, by ex-co-chair of Educational Pledge Partnership
The Educational Pledge, read by Gabby (Facebook)
The Educational Pledge, read by Coral Caporale  (English)
La Promesa Educacional, read by Coral Caporale (Spanish)
The Educational Pledge, read by Gabriel  Brown 
The Educational Pledge dedicated to young people  (lyrics), by
El Festival del Libro (Festival of Books) in East Harlem
Words of Wisdom: 41 Inspirational Quotations for Young Nonprofit Leaders
The Poem – The Educational Pledge — A reading
The Educational Pledge, read by writer, Alberto O. Cappas
The Educational Pledge, read by Jassenia Jimenez (youth)
What are Community Values
La Promesa, by Carlos Arias (inspired by the Educational Pledge)


Our Culture, El Batey, Beatriz Flores




Speak / Workshop / Seminar / Lecture / Classroom or Conference

Solomon  Joseph, President/Founder, The Educational Pledge, and the Manifest Diversity Project; Editor and Introduction to the book,  “The Educational Pledge, Questions to Self-Development”, by Alberto O. Cappas
Available to speak about the Educational Pledge for community groups, public schools, correctional facilities, and colleges & universities. Contact him directly. Cost is based on ability to pay or budget capability.  
Dynamic young man, great speaker, gifted and talented, is able to connect with his audience immediately. Love to give lectures and talk to youth at risk, especially in the public school system.
Email: / Website:
Topics: Self-Development, Self-Pride, and Manifest Diversity




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