A Look Back at the Lower West Side Photo Gallery

Produced by Alberto I. Cappas and Francisco Perez:

All the photos in this page originated from the original Facebook page, “A Look back at the Lower West Side, with assistance from the Buffalo Latino Village which has maintained maintained a collection first started in the late 1970s with the publication of the Latin Journal, published by Alberto O. Cappas and Raul Gonzalez. Other photos in this collection was provided by the Lillian Orsini Collection (co-founder of Buffalo’s Hispanic Women’s League).

For information about this page, feel free to contact us: latinovillage1@gmail.com

This is a work in progress, designed to continue growing, providing a historical visibility of our Puerto Rican/Latino community in Buffalo, NY, especially from the Lower West Side — the heartbeat and soul of the Puerto Rican/Latino community. Feel free to contribute your old photos, email to latinovillage1@gmail.com.

For Information: latinovillage1@gmail.com

A Look Back at the Lower West Side

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